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15 Best & Unique Activities to Do at Bintan 2024

Not sure what to do in Bintan other than staycation? Refer to our article about what activities to do and where to visit during your holidays in Bintan!

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Welcome to our guide of the 15 best and unique things to do in Bintan, the captivating island paradise located in the Riau Archipelago of Indonesia.

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or simply looking to unwind in serene surroundings, Bintan offers a plethora of extraordinary experiences that will leave you enchanted.

It is not easy to know what activities to do and where to visit during holiday in Bintan. But, no worries! We have gathered all the information from our experience for you. In this 5-minute article, there will be at least few activities or places that you will like.


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Now, let’s move on to look through the list!

1. Go on a Mangrove Discovery / Firefly Tour

Mangrove Tour_Bintan
image credit: Klook

Bintan is famous for its mangrove river and the trees around the island. Grab the opportunity to explore the rich biodiversity of Bintan’s mangrove forests.

You will take a boat ride through the mangroves with the tour guide, who will explain how the mangrove ecosystem works, how important mangrove trees are in coastal protection and more. During the tour, you will be able to spot numerous plant species, or even various animals such as crabs, mudskippers, and birds!

If you would like to see another side of the mangrove river, you can take mangrove night tour instead. Another sight will welcome you! Starting from the magical glow of bioluminescent planktons to stunning natural light show will create unforgettable memories for you to keep from Bintan trip.

Feeling yourself in the middle of the nature will be a totally unique experience for you to have as it cannot be experienced in anywhere else!

Firefly Tour_Bintan
image credit: Treasure Bay Bintan

Firefly tour is another tour you can try in Bintan. As you follow the calm waterways on a boat or a kayak, fireflies will welcome your journey by lightening up the surroundings with their glow. Besides overwhelming scene of fireflies glowing above you, you will also able to notice the night sky with stars, also reflected on the river. Also, don’t forget capture all the breathtaking images of these beautiful insects with mangroves as the background.

We would recommend to book these tours with a reputable tour guides and early so that you won’t miss out the chance of the charm of Bintan’s nature.

Here are some of our recommendation list!

Bintan Mangrove and Fireflies Tour | Taxi Services

Bintan Green Mangrove Tour & Fireflies Night Tour

Bintan Trip

2. Experience Traditional Fishing

Traditional fishing_Bintan
image credit: Club Med Bintan Excursion

If you seek for extraordinary activity that you can try in Bintan, what about traditional fishing?

Experiencing this traditional fishing is an attractive way to learn the local fishing culture and learn its techniques. The traditional fishing of Bintan has special significance because of its deep-rooted cultural and historical importance.

Many resorts in Bintan provide traditional fishing as one of their activities to try during the staycation. Give a try to the traditional fishing and have intimate connection with nature. Observe the nature and marine life close, and experience the rhythm of the waves. Being at the place for the traditional fishing will already make you to relax and be stress-free from whatever you are worried about.

Fishing takes a long time, so take the time to appreciate the tranquility of the nature or meditating about your days and feelings too. You can also engage and interact with local communities and getting to know more about cultural heritage of Bintan, being more fostered to the charms of Bintan itself.

Traditional fishing experience will not only teach you how local people caught fish in old times, but also give you ample time to foster bonds with yourself and others around you. So, why not give a try to traditional fishing in Bintan?

If you are keen to explore more about the traditional side of Bintan, you can check our Tanjung Pinang City Day Tour to look around the old city and malls of Bintan, as well as traditional wet market!

Check out our Tanjung Pinang City Day Tour with price only at $50/pax!

3. Try ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) Adventure

image credit: Treasure Bay Bintan

If you are an adventure lover, you can explore the rugged landscapes of Bintan with ATV! You can navigate through different off-road trails, diverse terrains, and enjoy travels that will fill you with adrenaline!

Feel the fresh air as you drive ATV, disconnected from the routine of your life and explore the outdoors in unique way!

While driving ATV, you will feel a sense of freedom as well as make thrilling and unforgettable memories. Since this is family-friendly activity, you can try it with your families and friends to create shared memories and bond together. Having special experience with your families and friends will make you and others more integrated.

There are two options in terms of choosing how to try ATV adventure. First is visiting Treasure Bay Bintan. Treasure Bay Bintan offers ATV rent service, so you can explore their designated trails, which also include challenging off-road sections as well as wonderful views to enjoy during your travel. Bintan resorts also offer ATV adventures, so if you don’t want to travel all the way to Treasure Bay Bintan. you can enjoy the ATV adventure in the resorts’ tracks and trails too.

I know ATV adventure is fun, but remember! Safety comes first!

4. Explore Penyengat Island

Penyengat Island_Bintan
image credit: Tribun Batam

Have you ever wondered what would Bintan would have been like in the past? Penyengat Island will allow you to step back in time with its accommodating rich history and cultural heritages of Penyengat Island.

This island is home to many different historical and traditional architecture and cultural heritage such as Penyengat Island Palace (Istana Penyengat), Great Mosque of Sultan Riau (Masjid Raya Sultan Riau), Royal Tombs, and traditional Malay houses.

All the architectural details like carved wood panels and visually-satisfying domes will tell you how these heritages are religiously and historically significant to local people. So, just looking around these cultural heritages will give you a sight of ancient Bintan, not just the modern version of Bintan.

Immerse yourself in local Indonesian and Malay traditions in Penyengat Island, a lesser-known place in Bintan and experience the diverse cultural tapestry of Bintan as well! Get to know more about its history and be more closer to Bintan!

5. Water Sports at Treasure Bay Bintan

Treasure Bay Bintan_Water sports
image credit: Klook

Well, we all know that one of the must-do activities in Bintan is water sports! However, it is not easy to find a place to enjoy various activities than the resorts’ swimming pools or their offered recreation activities.

For people who are eager to try many different water sports in Bintan, Treasure Bay Bintan is the place just for you! Treasure Bay Bintan offers diverse exciting water sports that can make you forget hours have passed already.

Treasure Bay Bintan_Water sports
image credit: Treasure Bay bintan

Here is the list of water sports activities you can enjoy at Treasure Bay Bintan:

  • Jet Skiing
  • Kayaking
  • Banana Boat Rides
  • Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP)
  • Snorkeling
  • Wakeboarding
  • Flyboarding

If you are not familiar with those activities, don’t worry! All people, even beginners can try out all the water sports at Treasure Bay Bintan.

Not only you can enjoy the water sports, but you can also take in the beautiful sceneries of natural environments. Take a look at crystal blue waters, picturesque coastlines that will capture you in Bintan, making you not to want to leave Bintan but stay there forever and ever!

If you have decided to visit this place, why not travel with us? You can visit Treasure Bay Bintan at your convenience with our Treasure Bay Bintan One Day Tour!

Check out our Treasure Bay Bintan One Day Tour with price only at $50/pax!

6. Spend the Day Playing Golf

One of the reasons why Bintan is frequently visited is excellent golf courses. If you visited Bintan, for beginners, it would be a great chance to learn how to play golf, and for golf lovers, you can try out challenging and unique golf courses different from what you are familiar with! With our list came up after thorough comparison, you can pick up one or more golf courses to try out!

Ria Bintan Golf Club

Ria Bintan Golf Club
image credit: Ria Bintan Golf Club

Located right next to South China Sea, Ria Bintan Golf Club provides outstanding views of sea and surrounding natural environment. It is designed by Gary Player, the golf legend! Do you know that Ria Bintan Golf Club is chosen as his one of favourite courses among what he has designed so far? Indeed, it has two 18-hole championship courses – Ocean Course and Forest Course. Both courses are well-known to be challenging and beautiful.

Laguna Bintan Golf Club

Laguna Bintan Golf Club
image credit: Laguna Bintan Golf Club

Laguna Bintan Golf Club is an award-winning golf course situated inside Laguna Bintan Resort. It is designed by Greg Norman, who is retired professional golf player now. With his expertise of golf courses and beautiful nature combined, Laguna Bintan Golf Club allows you to enjoy special golfing experience in the middle of emerald greenery and stunning coastal vistas. So, this place is available to all golfers of all skill levels, providing an 18-hole, par 27 championship courses.

Bintan Lagoon Golf Club

Bintan Lagoon Golf Club_Bintan
Image credit: Tripadvisor

Bintan Lagoon Golf Club features two 18-hole championship courses – Jack Nicklaus Sea View Golf Course and Ian Baker-Finch Woodlands Golf Course.

These courses are perfect for golfers who are looking for exciting golf experience as here offers facilities such as practice putting greens, a driving range, various dining options, a clubhouse with a pro shop, and locker rooms.

As it is located inside Bintan Lagoon Resort, you can enjoy the resort facilities after your golf time. Make your trip in Bintan more memorable!

7. Enjoy Trekking & Natural Walks

Other than enjoying the natural views at golf courses or at resorts, how about going out for trekking?

There are few spots for you where you can explore the details of the nature. Although few options are available for your natural walk, you can choose one of this places to fully spend your time in the natural environment!

Gunung Bintan

Gunung Bintan
image credit: BukaReview

‘No pain, no gain’ is a perfect phrase for Gunung Bintan. It is the highest peak in Bintan, with approximate height of 340 meters! This trekking trail will be challenging for adventure seekers as you need to walk through dense jungle, which can be steep and rugged at times. However, when you reach the summit, the breathtaking views of the trek and surrounding area will welcome you!

Trikora Beach

Trikora Beach_Bintan
image credit:

Trikora Beach is less crowded beach places compared to other popular beaches in Bintan. So, visitors who want more quieter and secluded beach experience, you can enjoy tranquil ambiance there! Take a look at picturesque view of the long stretch of white sandy shoreline, crystal blue waters, and greenery palm trees.

Not only taking a walk along the shoreline, you can try other water sports such as boat rides. After your walk, take your time at nearby attractions such as Trikora War Memorial and markets at Tanjung Pinang to extend your enjoyable time in the nature.

Sand Dunes of Gurun Pasir Bintan

Sand Dunes of Gurun Pasir Bintan

If rainforest or sea is not your preference, how about exploring sand dunes at Bintan? It looks like there are only jungles and seas around Bintan, but surprise! There are sand dunes in Bintan too!

Gurun Pasir Bintan is located in Busung. You can observe crystal blue water ponds and picturesque view of how sand dunes and ponds get along together.

This place is not notable to many tourists, so enjoy this place fully for yourself! Sand dunes will be worth visiting to make your time in Bintan to be different than other trips people had in Bintan.

If you are planning to visit Blue Lake & Sand Dune, travel with Blue Lake & Sand Dune and 500 Lohan Temple Bintan One Day Tour!

Check out our Blue Lake & Sand Dune and 500 Lohan Temple Bintan One Day Tour with price only at $50/pax!

8. Engage in Batik Painting

Batik Painting_Bintan
image credit: Bawah Reserve

If you are looking for some activities that you can only experience in Bintan, this Batik panting is perfect for you! Batik painting is a traditional Indonesian art that uses wax and dyes on fabric to create detailed designs.

Although it is time-consuming and high-skilled, the process will result in beautiful and colourful paintings. Learn more about Indonesian culture and history, as well as take an opportunity to expand your creativity and artistic expression!

This activity will be a unique experience for you and your families, spending some time to build special memories through the holidays in Bintan!

9. Enjoy a Spa Treatment


Spas in Bintan Island is famous for people who seek relaxation and rejuvenation. Many spas are offered by Bintan resorts, with various facilities such as a wide range of treatments and services provided together.

They are also commonly situated in tropical settings, where you can enjoy the spa time and the natural environment at the same time! Enjoy the massage as much as you want at a cheap price.

If you are looking for special spa in Bintan, you can also try traditional Indonesian therapies which provide traditional massages, body scrubs, herbal baths, and other therapeutic treatments! Lie down and relax to release the stress you gained from your busy daily life through spa in Bintan!

10. Visit 500 Lohan Temple

500 Lohan Temple_Bintan
image credit: Bintan Resort Tour

500 Lohan Temple (Vihara Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva) is a Buddhist temple located in Tanjung Pinang. This temple is dedicated to Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, a guardian of children and travellers.

Once arrived, you can see 500 statues of Lohan (Arhat or Disciples of Buddha), each of which has distinct facial expressions, postures, and clothing. You will not notice how fast time went when you are observing the characteristics of each statue!

Besides Lohan statues, the temple also accommodates other structures such as meditation areas, prayer halls, and ornate gateways to spend your time on reflection and meditation. Take the chance to participate in Buddhist rituals and more! Experience how Buddhist culture is celebrated in Bintan.

If you are planning to visit 500 Lohan Temple, why not travel with us? With our Bintan one day tour, you can also visit Blue Lake & Sand Dunes and witness the beauty of the nature!

Check out our Blue Lake & Sand Dunes and 500 Lohan Temple Bintan One Day Tour with price only at $50/pax!

11. Visit the Rumah Imaji

Rumah Imaji_Illusion Room_Bintan
image credit: Klook

Rumah Imaji is a popular attraction in Bintan, where you can engage in different activities more enjoyable.

There are various attractions you can try out – Illusion rooms, interacting with 3D art and more! Rumah Imaji provides diverse illusion rooms that can trick your senses. Take time to explore the rooms and experience the illusions.

Visiting upside down house will also trick your senses as you walk the disoriented ceiling that looks like defying gravity. While enjoying your time in these extraordinary places, don’t forget to capture these moments for you to remember the trip!

Rumah Imaji_artworks_Bintan
image credit: Pelago

The artworks at Rumah Imaji are almost three-dimensional, allowing visitors to interact with the artworks. Play fun with the paintings and sculptures to have entertaining experiences.

Besides, Rumah Imaji features Virtual Reality (VR) experiences, so try out different VR games and simulations to be immersed and thrilled in the virtual world!

Exploring these attractions at Rumah Imaji will be a break for you to enjoy some refreshments and relax!

12. Visit Safari Lagoi & Eco farm

Safari Lagoi_Bintan
image credit: Bintan resorts

Safari Lagoi is a place where you can meet various endangered animals in one place. Endangered animals such as orangutan, sun bear, elephant, and crocodile are rescued from illegal pet trade and meat markets and moved into Safari Lagoi for protection under the Indonesian government. If you are an animal lover, you can visit Safari Lagoi and interact with these animals.

If you decided to visit this place, explore Safari Lagoi with us through Safari Lagoi Bintan One Day Tour! We cover entrance fee and the transportation as well. Don’t miss the chance to meet and interact with animals in Bintan!

Check out our Safari Lagoi Bintan One Day Tour with price only at $50/pax!

Eco Farm_Safari Lagoi_Bintan
image credit: Bintan Resorts

This place also accommodates Eco farm, where various fruits and plants are reared organically. You can take a 1.5 to 2 hour tour to discover how nature works around eco farm.

Since this place is nature-friendly, it will be great for children and families to spend time together. Children can relate better with the nature and have some education sessions for them to learn more about preservation of wildlife and natural environments.

If you are looking for a site where can be educational and entertaining at the same time, we would recommend Safari Lagoi!

Price is indicated below:

13. Visit Senggarang Water Village

Senggarang Water village Bintan
image credit: Klook

If you are looking forward to learn more about Bintan’s culture and history, Senggarang Water Village will be a great spot to visit! Senggarang Water Village is one of the unique places in Bintan, with picturesque view of Riau Island. It is traditional water village and has rich cultural heritage.

This village is built on stilts above the water, with various facilities such as houses, temples, and community buildings interconnected by a network of wooden walkways. With entire village surrounded by water and mangrove forests, you will be immediately fascinated by the magical atmosphere.

Try out experiencing the traditional lifestyle of the villagers! You can explore the village, wandering along the wooden walkways and observe the daily activities of the residents.

Don’t miss out savouring some delicious local cuisine such as seafood dishes.

Banyan Tree Temple_Bintan
image credit: Anmon Resort

Another reason to visit Senggang Water Village is Banyan Tree Temple (Kwan Im), which is significant and religious place in the village.

The scene of this temple will be remarkable to see as ancient banyan tree has grown intertwined with the temple itself, creating a captivating sight. Also, the temple is adorned with detailed carvings and colourful decorations, showing the artistic traditions in Bintan.

Throughout the year, Banyan Tree Temple opens religious ceremonies and festival. So, if you are planning to visit Banyan Tree Temple, check out in advance if there are any events! Witness various traditional rituals, cultural practices, and performances and experience the intersection of religion, art, and nature!

14. Try out Horseback Riding

Bintan Horseback riding
image credit: Tripadvisor

Looking for unique activity to do around beach area other than water sports? Then, you can try out horseback riding! Horseback riding activity is popular for both beginners and experienced riders, allowing to connect with the nature. It will be a thrilling experience for you than any other activities you did in Bintan.

You will be able to learn basic instructions on how to handle the reins and control the horse, as well as the way to mount the horse. You can choose longer rides or customised packages if you are keen to experience horseback riding in different ways.

Many resorts and equestrian centers in Bintan offer horse riding activities. There will be well-trained horses and experienced guides for you to safely complete horseback riding. If you are interested, you can check the resort’s website for more information and make reservation to try!

Here are some of resorts that offer horseback riding:

15. Take Helicopter Tour

Helicopter Tour_bintan
image credit: Bintan Resorts

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Bintan Island like never before! Take to the skies and embark on a memorable adventure and witness picturesque landscapes, beaches, and greenery of the tropical scene in bird-eye view.

Taking the helicopter tour will make unforgettable memories during your Bintan trip as you won’t be able to try this unique experience in anywhere! Enjoy the whole Bintan Island for yourself with the price starting from 7,600,000 Rupiah (S$677).

Here is the list of options of helicopter tours and the flight route:

Crystal Beach (12 minutes, 7,600,000 Rupiah)

  • Lagoi Lake
  • Ria Bintan Golf
  • Lagoi Bay
  • Bintan Resorts shoreline
  • Doulos Phos the Ship Hotel
  • Crystal Lagoon

Bintan Historical (30 minutes, 17,500,000 Rupiah)

  • Penyengat Island
  • 500 Lohan Temple
  • Lagoi Lake
  • Ria Bintan Golf
  • Lagoi Bay
  • Bintan Resorts shoreline
  • Doulos Phos the Ship Hotel
  • Crystal Lagoon

Paradise Island (60 minutes, 35,000,000 Rupiah)

  • Fish Head Island
  • Nikoi Island
  • Berakit Island
  • Lagoi Lake
  • Ria Bintan Golf
  • Lagoi Bay
  • Bintan Resorts Shoreline
  • Doulos Phos the Ship Hotel
  • Crystal Lagoon

For more information, you can visit Bintan Resorts webpage (

Have you decided what to do during your holidays in Bintan? We hope our article helped you in planning your getaway!

Find out more about our Bintan all-inclusive package on our website and contact us for more information!

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