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Top 10 Popular & Best Bintan Hotels of 2024

Top Bintan Hotels 2024
Take a look at our compiled list of Bintan hotels for you! Decide which hotel would be best for your Bintan holidays! From Cassia to The Residence.

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Bintan Island, located in Indonesia, is a hidden gem in Southeast Asia that offers pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a serene tropical atmosphere. To help you plan your dream vacation, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best hotels in Bintan. Whether you’re seeking luxury, relaxation, or adventure, these hotels are sure to provide an unforgettable experience.

Just relax and read our 5-minute article to decide which best hotels would be a perfect place for your weekend getaway!

Before we move on, let us first introduce why you should choose Bintan Island as your holiday destination.

The Residence Bintan_Bintan hotels
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Why Bintan?

1. Convenient Travel

To travel to Bintan Island, you can just take a 45-minute ferry to get there. With 3 ferry operators in Singapore (Sindo Ferry, Majestic Ferry and Bintan Resort Ferries), just hop into the ferry at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal and you will soon arrive at Tanjung Pinang Ferry Terminal.

Taking ferry will be the cheapest and easiest option than planes. So, enjoy your travel to Bintan with sea views in air-conditioned room on comfortable and cushioned seats!

For more information about available ferry seats, please check the ferry operators’ websites:

2. Affordable price & Cheap hotels

With the current currency rates (10k Rupiah = S$0.9), you can enjoy superior choices of popular luxury hotels, food, and even spa at cheap prices! You will be able to spend less money but acquire the greatest and satisfying memories for your trip than elsewhere!

Enjoy the supreme choices of Bintan Island hotels and foods at unexpected price!

3. Various activities

Bintan Island is a nature lover’s paradise. With its diverse landscape, you can experience all different kinds of nature in just one place. Whether you’re looking to relax on a beach, hike in the mountains, or explore the rainforest, Bintan has something for everyone.

How to travel around Bintan?

Unfortunately, it is NOT easy to use Grab or Gojek at Bintan unlike Batam as they are not well-supported, as well as public transport. Therefore, we would recommend to rent a car or hire a private driver to travel around.

Average Cost of Bintan Hotels

The average price of hotels in Bintan ranges fro $100 – $300 SGD per night, depending on the hotel type and duration of stay.

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  • 1 Night stay at hotel

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Let’s move on to decide where would be a perfect place for you to make your Bintan trip wonderful!

1. Cassia Bintan ★★★★

Cassi Bintan_best Bintan hotels

Cassia Bintan is one of the well-known hotels in Bintan Island. Uniquely themed as a modern apartment, Cassia Bintan comes with a compact kitchenette, big living room, and bedroom, offering you the casual comfort creating an atmosphere that feels like a home away from home and the connection with Indonesia’s nature.

Located at beachfront, Cassia Bintan faces the South China Sea, allowing you to see the beautiful views of the sea. Cassia Bintan features special dining venues like treetops for you to savour the taste of Indonesia with local foods such as Nasi Goreng and fried rice while you feel that you are in the middle of the forest.

Cassia Bintan_Best Bintan Hotels

Cassia Bintan is also located near, 10 over restaurants within Laguna Bintan, providing various options for food lovers to be spoilt only by their menu! If you would like to give a try to local foods, try out different restaurants and famous local foods while staying in Cassia Bintan!

If you are looking for a place to play golf, guess what! Laguna Bintan Golf Club is just right next to Cassia Bintan in less than 1km. It will take only a 1-minute drive or 8-minute walk from Cassia Bintan to Laguna Bintan Golf Club.

After filling your stomach with delicious breakfast provided from Cassia Bintan, you can just walk to the golf club to digest your meal and enjoy your golf time!

While staying there, you can walk along the beach, listening to the waves of South China Sea with your family members or loved ones to wrap up your days at Bintan.

There would be no reason why not to stay in Cassia Bintan during your holidays at Bintan because you will able to enjoy every moment you have in Bintan, whether it is food, activity, or rest!

Cassia Bintan_Best Bintan hotels

Rooms available at Cassia Bintan:

  • One/Two Bedroom Apartment
  • 2-Bedroom Loft Apartment
  • Loft Double Room
  • Loft Delux
  • Loft Room
  • One/Two Bedroom Garden View
  • One/Two Bedroom Ocean View

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2. Natra Bintan ★★★★

Natra Bintan_Best Bintan hotels

Natra Bintan is a one of Bintan resorts that offers a glamping experience combining the excitement of camping with the comforts of a luxurious safari-themed setting. Fret not for the scorching heat, as all tentages are fully air-conditioned and feel free to cool off in the Crystal Lagoon.

The Crystal Lagoon, one of the largest man-made seawater lagoon in South Asia, accommodates exciting water activities, including bumper boat-rides, fun slides and wakeboarding with your friends and families. You can also walk along the white sand beach to enjoy the sea view!

Just situated only 5-minute ride away from Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal, you can just hop into the bed right after you arrive at Bintan Island from Singapore! Natra Bintan is conveniently located at the perfect place for you to travel around and enjoy other activities you can experience in Natra before heading back to the Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal.

Natra Bintan_Best Bintan Hotels

What is camping without some smoky outdoor cooking! You can opt for a BBQ set up just right outside your tent with numerous food selections of meat and vegetables. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about cooking the lamb yourself. The staff at Natra Bintan will skilfully prepare and cook the meat for you.

You can simply relax and relish the flavours without any cooking responsibilities. Enjoy the Crystal Lagoon view while having some delicious barbecue.

But, remember to book early if you want the sea view as the sea view bedroom options is in high demands almost all the time!

Natra Bintan_Best Bintan Hotels

Rooms Available at Natra Bintan:

  • Tent, Guest room – 1 King, Sofa bed, Garden view
  • Tent Small Garden – Guest Room, 1 King, Sofa Bed, Garden view
  • Tent Guest Room – 1 King, Sofa bed, Pool View
  • Tent Guest Room – 1 King, Sofa bed, Pool View, Whirlpool
  • Tent, Larger Guest Room – 1 King, Sofa bed, Garden View, Whirlpool

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3. Anmon Resort Bintan ★★★★

Anmon Resort_Best Bintan Hotels

Have you ever imagined staying overnight at desert? Yes, you heard it right, desert in Bintan Island! Anmon Resort Bintan is desert-themed glamping resort but has all the accommodation necessities for you to enjoy the staycation.

This magical place will satisfy your expectations of having adventures and creating uncommon travelling memories. Make your dreams and aspirations into reality, gazing at the stars at night while you are immersing into your bed or in private patio.

Anmon Bintan_Best Bintan Hotels

By chance, if you are looking for the place for pictures to upload on your Instagram, Anmon resort will be seamlessly the great spot for you to join. Each teepee in this desert-themed landscape is equipped with warm colours and wooden furnitures, the combination of the desert theme and cozy interior creates a captivating backdrop that is ideal for capturing beautiful and Instagram-worthy images.

One of the unique features of Anmon Resort Bintan is their outdoor cinema, watch movies under the night sky and try their signature cocktails of TIPI Bar! If you crave for astonishing food, give MAD Pizza a try! With three of these combinations together, you will be able to bond with your family members or friends creating unforgettable memories of Bintan Island.

Also, enjoy outside BBQ as well as water activities like non-motorised or motorised water sports available just for you. At the end of the day, you can get massage at Anmon Resort to relieve all the physical fatigue you gained after enjoying all the activities provided by Anmon Resort.

Anmon Resort Bintan will be the ideal place for you if you are looking for a hotel where you can enjoy every service of hotel. Create wonderful memories while immersing themselves in the unique offerings of Bintan Island.

Now you will know why Anmon Bintan is one of the best hotels in Bintan!!

Anmon Resort Bintan_Holidays from Singapore

Rooms Available at Anmon Resort Bintan:

  • Glamping Deluxe Tent
  • Deluxe Lagoon View Glamp Tent
  • Deluxe Private Glamp Tent

Click here to know more about our 2D1N & 3D2N Anmon Resort Bintan All-inclusive package! Price from $229/pax.


4. Pantai Indah Lagoi Bintan ★★★★

Pantai Indah Lagoi Bintan_Best Bintan Hotels

Pantai Indah Lagoi Bintan is a one of the premium Bintan resorts, purposely structured to provide the best rest you can have during your holidays. These villas are designed with Balinese architectural characteristics, embedded with the natural environment. Without any disruption, you can have bedroom, kitchenette, and swimming pool for all yourself! The villa is just only for you!

With Bintan island ornamented by emerald grass and crystal blue beaches, Pantai Indah Lagoi Bintan will be just right to provide you the most comfortable place to enjoy all these sceneries of Bintan Island. Not only that, but also you can order your breakfast to the room directly, without getting outside for your meals.

What a way to achieve your ideal holiday that you dreamed of to come true in Bintan Island! Just sit back and enjoy the every moment of your resort life at Pantai Indah Lagoi!

Pantai Indah Lagoi Bintan_Best Bintan Hotels

Just 10-minute drive away from Bandar Bintan Telani (BBT) ferry terminal with transportation service provided, Pantai Lagoi Indah Bintan is located right next to South China Sea.

Within the villa there is a beach just a 5-minute walking distance. Perfect for a stroll after meals or a night walk. OR go for a stroll at the Bukit Teletubbies Lagoi which accommodates lakes and greenery hills.

Or, after swimming for a while in the private pool, you can enjoy Pantai Lagoi Indah’s most iconic floating breakfast in your own private swimming pool!

With few nights at Pantai Indah Lagoi, you will know why this is one of the best resorts in Bintan Island and always full of reviews of compliments.

Pantai Indah Lagoi Bintan_Best Bintan Hotels

Rooms Available at Pantai Lagoi Indah Bintan:

  • One Bedroom Pool Villa
  • Two Bedroom Pool Villa

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5. The Residence Bintan ★★★★

The Residence Bintan_Best Bintan hotels

The Residence Bintan is renowned for its emphasis on relaxation and providing a peaceful retreat for its guests. With a range of amenities and services, the resort offers a comprehensive experience that allows you to unwind and enjoy your time to the fullest within the resort.

The room, especially the suite, comes with all the amenities you need from basic toiletries to coffee machines and lounge chair. The restroom also includes the bath tub which you can enjoy your half-bath too!

The Residence Bintan also provides two bicycles which you can ride around the massive resort estate. But if you don’t want to walk around or use the bicycles or if it rains, you can always call the buggy to travel around the Residence. They have free wi fi in the hotel, so don’t worry about losing internet connection while wandering around.

The another reason why the Residence Bintan would be a perfect place for your ideal holidays is the great services. If you want to enjoy the drinks while watching the sunset at sea or sea itself, the staffs will deliver your drinks to the lounges by the beach! While staying in the Residence, make sure to visit the beach and walk along it to feel the moments in the nature too.

The Residence Bintan_Rica Rica_Best Bintan Hotels

For food options, there are three choices – Pool Bar, The Dining Room, and Rica Rica.

Pool Bar basically provides you many a la carte menu you can enjoy while swimming or when you are walking around the resort. Try out their drinks from six options of tropical mocktail, milkshake, and smoothies less than S$10! It also has its own signature cocktails such as Jack’s Julep and The Residence Mai Tai, which are less than S$20. You can enjoy drinks at cheap prices than those in Singapore.

They also serve salads, light bites, and even deserts, so if you crave for food during your water activities, Pool Bar would be a place you need to go. On Friday and Weekend nights, they have live music from 7pm – 10pm so don’t miss the live music while you enjoy your drinks and foods!

The Dining room is the default restaurant of the Residence that serves both local and western food. You can have a fulfilling buffet breakfast here and the must-try food would be Pomelo salad.

Rica Rica is an Indonesian restaurant in Residence Bintan. Although it only opens for dinner, we would recommend you to make reservation before you go since this place is quite popular to the visitors.

Rica Rica serves the foods characterised with diverse spices and culinary traditions. So, you can taste the authentic Indonesian flavours that are totally different from Indonesian food you tried in Singapore! Every meal is almost less than 200k Rupiah (S$19), so grab and taste bit of every dish in Rica Rica!

There are other dining options such as having hotpots or floating breakfast, so if you want to try, make sure to make reservations!

You will know why the Residence Bintan is chosen for the place to stay during Bintan staycations for sure!

The Residence Bintan_Best Bintan hotels

Rooms available at The Residence Bintan:

  • Beachfront Villa – One/Two bedroom
  • Deluxe Beachfront Villa – One bedroom
  • Deluxe Sea View Villa – One bedroom
  • Garden Terrace – One bedroom
  • Upper Sea View Suite – One bedroom

Click here to know more about our 2D1N & 3D2N The Residence Bintan All-inclusive package! Price from $239/pax.


6. Sanchaya Bintan ★★★★★

Sanchaya Bintan_Best Bintan Hotels
Image credit:

Experience the luxury living that transports you to the 18th century Europe! Sanchaya Bintan resort will welcome you with the surprise when you see the awe-inspiring sea views! Unlike other resorts or hotels in Bintan Island right next to the South China Sea, Sanchaya Bintan provides next levels of beach vibes with their own private beach. You will feel like you are in a fairy-tale! Although the cost might be a bit expensive, but you will realise this hotel worths that cost.

The rooms are spacious enough and comes along with views of sea or gardens that will brighten your days at Sanchaya. With various facilities from reading room, Balinese themed spa, and dining rooms, Sanchaya Bintan will satisfy all your needs

While staying at Sanchaya, you can dip yourself or only your feet in the pool or the private beach to enjoy your holiday mood. Enjoy the gentle breeze of wind coming though with birds chirping around you. Sanchaya will give you a sense of tranquility and ultimate experiences, making you reluctant to leave this place.

If you would like to try some activities at Sanchaya, there are plenty of options for you to try out! From archery classes, beach kite flying to family cooking classes, you can enjoy different choices alone or with your friends or families. Explore yourself within the resort itself and create bonds with your families and friends or with yourself too!

Sanchaya Bintan_Best Bintan Hotels
image credit:

Take in all the stunning views of magnificent Sanchaya that will evoke your creativity. After all days you spent with Sanchaya, the only worst thing you will find is that you would not want to leave Sanchaya but spend other days at this place, savouring sumptuous and delicious foods and relaxing yourself within this breath-taking views of coconut trees that is perfectly tuned with Sanchaya.

You will definitely realise why Sanchaya is most visited beach resort to stay in Bintan Island after your stay.

Sanchaya Bintan_Best Bintan Hotels
image credit:

Rooms available at Sanchaya Bintan:

  • Lawan one bedroom Villa
  • One bedroon Suite
  • Two bedroom Villa
  • Junior Suite


7. Banyan Tree Bintan ★★★★★

Banyan Tree Bintan_Best Bintan hotels
image credit:

Banyan Tree Bintan is indeed a captivating destination that offers breathtaking views and a surreal experience. Nestled amidst lush greenery and overlooking the South China Sea, the resort provides an idyllic setting that can feel almost dreamlike.

Located at the top of hill, Banyan Tree Bintan allows you to the whole scene of the sea views and greenery hills in one sight. The pools are just right outside the room for you to clearly view the sea. So, enjoy this view while you are basking in the pool before having your meals!

There are three restaurants you can choose around Banyan Tree Bintan – Saffron Restaurant, Xana Beach Club, and Treetops.

Treetops is the default restaurant in Banyan Tree Bintan. It provides hearty buffet breakfast of local foods and comfortable atmosphere. You can dine inside for air-conditioned comfort or outside in the midst of nature. Besides buffet, they provide main courses in two choices – ‘from the sea’ and ‘from the land’. Choose your course in your taste for less than S$40!

Saffron Restaurant serves Thai food and only opens for dinner. If you feel like you want to try other foods than local cuisine, you can try out Thai food too.

Banyan Tree Bintan_Best Bintan Hotels
image credit:

If you visit Bintan, the must-try food would be seafood, and Xana Beach Club would be one of the places for you to try different taste of sea from Singapore. Right located along the beach, you can enjoy your dinner with live music, feeling the whole sea to yourself at the same time.

Besides eating outside, you can also opt to dine in your own villa and order a la carte menu or even BBQ dinners that a hotel staff will cook for you right in front of you!

Banyan Tree Bintan would be a private resort area just for you to fully enjoy your getaway to Bintan Island! You would feel re-energised after the vacation and want to come back to Banyan Tree Bintan whenever you would like to feel revitalised!

Banyan Tree Bintan_Best Bintan Hotels
image credit:

Rooms available at Banyan Tree Bintan:

  • Rainforest Seaview Villa
  • Rainforest Oceanfront Villa
  • Ocean Villa on the Rock
  • Ocean view Infinity Pool Villa


8. Ria Bintan Golf Club ★★★★

Ria Bintan Golf Club_Best Bintan Hotels
Birdie Room / image credit:

Golf lovers, we surely did not miss you out! We know there are people traveling to Bintan Island not just for simple getaways but to enjoy playing golf. Ria Bintan Golf Club would be the perfect place for you to both have full rest and also to play golf in unique environment.

Ria Golf Club has huge courses, with 18-hole Ocean course. Those who are looking for challenging courses and want to try out different courses, must visit Ria Golf Club. Even Gary Player ranked Ria Bintan Golf Club as his one of top 10 favourite courses among his 300 self-designed courses!

This Golf Club is also located next to the South China Sea, with the sea meeting the land. Everywhere you go in the Ria Bintan Golf Club, you will see breath-taking and sprawling ocean views.

Ria Bintan Golf Club_Best Bintan Hotels
image credit:

Ria Bintan Golf Club provides different accommodation options that come along with the golf course view. The rooms are quite spacious for you to place your golf bags or other luggages too. After enjoying your golf time, you can return to your room immediately without the need to travel around! All rooms are equipped with modern and basic amenities that will make your stay the most comfortable and make you to get ready for next enjoyable time at golf courses.

The dining place in Ria Bintan Golf Club serves both local and western foods, so you can try to taste Indonesian food or stick to the familiar foods you know and like!

So, if you feel like trying different and well-known courses, Ria Bintan Gold Club would be the perfect spot to regularly visit in Bintan!

Ria Bintan Golf Club_Best Bintan Hotels
image credit:

Rooms available at Ria Bintan Golf Club:

  • Birdie Room
  • Eagle Room
  • Albatross Room
  • Par Room


9. Grand Lagoi Hotel ★★★★

Grand Lagoi Hotel_Best Bintan Hotels
image credit:

Grand Lagoi Hotel by Willson is situated at the newly developed Lagoi Bay in Bintan Island. You will get a chance to take a look at the panoramic view of Lagoi Bay at the rooftop infinity pool for almost yourself as it won’t be too crowded like other swimming pools in Singapore. You can notice all the details of Laogi Bay, from fishing-lake to tropical greenery.

Grand Lagoi Hotel by Willson is also ideal to stay for corporate tour as it has 7 meeting rooms with a capacity of 400 pax. These meeting rooms are well-equipped with all technology needed for any activities for the corporate, such as team-bonding or meeting sessions.

Enjoying your staycation at Grand Lagoi is satisfying enough, but sometimes just staying at the hotel might get boring. We already took note of it!

Grand Lagoi Hotel_Best Bintan Hotels
image credit:

Do you know that Grand Lagoi Hotel has an entertainment room? It is not just an entertainment room where you can just sing or talk, but you can challenge yourself or your friends to a FIFA game or even Mario Kart on the XBox!

If you are not a game person, how about watching movies? With Grand Lagoi’s own cinema, you can watch the latest films in comfortable sofas.

One distinct difference of Grand Lagoi from other hotels is that this place is located next to Plaza Lagoi, which is the newest and largest shopping mall. There, you can try out everything – shopping, eating delicious foods such as seafoods, and getting traditional massages!

If you are traveling to Bintan on weekends, take note that Lagoi Plaza opens performances and markets. You can enjoy local celebrations during your staycations too!

Grand Lagoi often offers its own promotions to enjoy Bintan getaways. So, if you are planning to visit Bintan Island, check if there is any promotion for you to get to enjoy your trip at cheap prices! This place will be the best hotel in Bintan for your itinerary.

Grand Lagoi Hotel_Best Bintan Hotels
image credit:

Rooms available at Grand Lagoi Hotel:

  • Deluxe Room – Double or Twin
  • Grand Deluxe – Double or Twin


10. Nirwana Resort Hotel ★★★★

Nirwana Resort Hotel_Best Bintan Hotels
image credit:

Nirwana is one of the accommodations of Nirwana Gardens – Nirwana Resort Hotel, Indra Maya Pool Villas, Banyu Biru Villas, Nirwana Beach Club, and Mayang Sari Beach Resort. Among these 5 options, Nirwana Resort Hotel is the most selected and well-known hostel by Singaporeans due to its family-friendly structure and services.

The spacious rooms offer sea, pool, or garden views for visitors to choose. All the modern amenities are prepared to make your visit to Nirwana Resort Hotel comfortable. The special hospitality of Mediterranean spirit and Indonesian culture will make you feel like you are one of the locals. Also, a helpful staff will provide great service for you to feel welcomed than anywhere else!

This hotel is also popular with its recreations and sports at minimum cost around S$9. There are some distinctly unique activities such as Kneeboarding, Fishing Trip, and even Jungle Trekking. If you are also considering to travel around Bintan Island, you can rent Buggy at S$19/hour.

For more information about recreation activities and water sports of 2023 provided by Nirwana Resort Hotel, you can click here

Nirwana Resort Hotel_Best Bintan Hotels
image credit:

If you visit this place, you might have a difficult time choosing what to it in there as there are 10 options for you! Yes, you heard me right. 10 options! Although 5 of those options are 4 bars and 1 coffee shops, five restaurants in one resort is more than enough to try different foods during your stay.

here is the list for food options for you to choose!

Restaurant & Must-try foods

  • Spice Restaurant (indian food): Chicken Tandoori, Butter Chicken, Aloo Gobi Masala, Ayam Bakar
  • The Poolside (temporarily closed): light meals, appetizers, and snacks
  • Dino Bistro (western & asian food): Dino Burger, Salmon Miso Provencale, Coq Au Vin
Nirwana Resort Hotel_Best Bintan Hotels

Rooms available at Nirwana Resort Hotel:

  • Nirwana Room
  • Nirwana Deluxe
  • Nirwana Premier
  • Nirwana Suite


Find out more about our Bintan all-inclusive packages and feel free to contact us for more information!

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