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Top 10 Best & Popular Batam Massage Places 2024

Top 10 Best & Popular Batam Massage Places
Looking for Batam massage or spa places to relieve your stress during your Batam getaway? Check best Batam massage places 2023 for your best massage experience!

Top 10 Must-Go Batam Massage Places in 2024

With travel restrictions to Batam significantly eased, you can easily book a ferry and head down to Batam within an hour to indulge in a shopping paradise. What are the first few things that come to mind when you think of Batam? Certainly ‘shopping’ and ‘massage’!


Your shoulders and feet must be aching after an action-packed day of sightseeing, delectable street food, and shopping marathons. Pamper yourself with a relaxing spa and massage treatment at the end of the day.


We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 massage parlors in Batam, with the most recent 2023 updates, including their opening hours, rates, special packages, and so on.


You can make online reservations for these recommended Batam massage places. Rest assured that we have fact checked and vetted through multiple reviews to ensure their legitimacy and quality! 


But first, check out our Batam 2D1N & 3D2N All-inclusive Packages inclusive of: 


For more information, feel free to contact us!


Spa or Massage?

First and foremost, for massage newbies, what is the distinction between spa and massage? Shops appear to use these two terms interchangeably.


A spa provides hydrotherapy services, whereas a massage provides physical therapy. Massages, facials, exfoliation, deep cleansing, and other treatments are all available at a spa. A massage is performed by a massage therapist who massages and relaxes your muscle tissue. Both services are typically offered at most spas and massage parlors.


Why not combine a spa treatment with a massage for a full body relaxation? Many of us have been working from home, and our backs and necks might be aching from continually sitting at our desks for extended periods of time.


Here are some massage benefits that can help with that! Massages not only improve energy flow and blood circulation throughout the body, but it can also help relieve stress and improve sleep quality.

Where are most of the Batam massage places located?

Batam is a large city, with the majority of its massage places concentrated in the commercial and business districts of Batam Centre and Nagoya. If the goal of your trip is to shop and get a massage, I recommend staying in these two areas because the majority of the shopping malls and city attractions are in close proximity. Here are some of our suggestions for affordable hotels: 

  • I Baloi Hotel (near Batam City Square Mall & Grand Batam Mall) 
  • Aston Batam (near Batam City Square Mall & Grand Batam Mall)
  • Harmoni One (near Mega Mall Batam Centre) 

Now that you know more about Batam, here are our top 10 Batam massage & spa spots! (Not ranked in any particular sequence)

1. Eska Wellness Spa

image credit: Eska Wellness Spa & Google Review

Eska is one of the top wellness and Batam massage brands in Batam. Eska has multiple outlets in Batam. The most popular branch would be Eska Wellness Spa Nagoya Hill. Other outlets include Kepri Mall Hotel Branch, Best Western Premier Hotel Panbil Branch and Grand Batam Penuin Branch.


You will be spoiled by the extensive range of services provided by Eska. Aside from massages, nourish your body with other treatments such as facial treatments, exfoliation treatments, refreshing body scrubs, hair styling and treatment, and nail treatments.


If you’re overwhelmed and unsure of which service to try, approach the staff for recommendations. Value-for-money options such as ‘ALL IN 6 in 1′ packages are also readily available, depending on what type of treatment you prefer!


Eska provides a huge range of services. Basic Batam massage services can range from 130,000 Rp to 440,000 Rp (12 – 40 SGD), depending on the body area and massage duration.

Tip: If you book beforehand and do direct bank transfer, it is slightly cheaper than pay upon arrival. 


Details (Nagoya Hill Branch):

2. Tiara Mustika Salon & Spa

image credit:Tiara Mustika Salon & Spa & Tripadvisor

The Tiara Mustika Salon & Spa, located in the centre of Batam, gives visitors the chance to experience the authenticity and luxury of traditional Indonesian therapy. Customers can experience high-quality healing experiences at affordable prices.


Tiara Mustika Spa provides a range of Batam massage services, including unique spa packages such as a rejuvenating strawberry spa, an antioxidant mangosteen peel spa, herbal compress treatments and many others. The usual services such as aromatherapy body massages and body scrubs are also available. Even hair treatments, waxing, pedicure and manicure services are available.


If you would like to truly indulge and pamper yourself the entire day, get the 6h Spa Package, which includes an aroma body massage, body scrub, body mask, hydro bath, rejuvenating facial treatment, hair spa and finally a pedicure. Prices start as low as 10 SGD.



3. Thai Best Batam

image credit: Thai Best Batam

THAI BEST offers a comprehensive range of Authentic Thai Massage treatments & Thai Reflexology to rebalance and harmonize the body’s energy. Experience a sensation of inner peace with Thai “House of Thai Massage”.


Not only do they offer authentic, traditional Thai Massages, they utilize the ancient system of healing and the unique system of Yoga therapy, incorporating rhythmic relaxing massages, acupressure, gentle twisting, deep stretching and meditation to release tension and create wholeness of mind, body and spirit.


What’s the BEST about Thai BEST is that you are able to watch movies while enjoying the Batam massage in the largest Reflexology Movie Theater Hall. THAI BEST offers Foot & Body Massages, as well as Packages. Their basic foot massage range from 200,000 Rp to 350,000 Rp (19 to 32 SGD). 


Details (Penuin Branch): (Nagoya branch is temporarily closed)

4. Go! Massage Batam

image credit: Go! Massage Batam

GO! Massage Batam is conveniently located in the centre of Nagoya, Batam and is only 5 minutes from the Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal, Nagoya Hill Mall and Batam City Square Mall. This Batam massage shop is suitable for travellers who want to grab a quick massage before returning back to Singapore by ferry.


GO! Massage Batam is renowned for its consistent and high standards, and customers return regularly for its great customer service. It is a perfect fusion of top-notch customer care and traditional Indonesian massage techniques.


You can select either traditional Batam massage (oil-based full body massage that incorporates deep thumb pressures pushing to relax muscles), Thai massage (full-based massage that involves passive stretching of entire body) or a combination of both. If you’re adventurous, you can try their unique treatments such as Chocolate Spa & Green Tea Spa!



5. Spa Central Batam

image credit: Pelago & Spa Central Batam

Spa Central Batam Nagoya begins your Batam massage experience with a complementary signature welcome drink and calming Foot Bath. Pick the type of massage according to your personal preference; aromatherapy massage, herbal massage, hot stone massage, lomi lomi massage, relaxing massage, pregnancy prenatal massage, sport massage, swedish massage, back or head massage.


At Spa Central, you have the option to customize a half day or full day package with them! Ladies High Tea Package & Family Packages are also available.


Enjoy your spa treatment at Spa Central Batam Nagoya distraction-free while your children enjoy their time at KidZoopia located beside. Contact them for early reservation and arrangements.


There are 2 outlets available: Nagoya Hill Mall and Batam Center. Traditional Batam massage services range from 180,000 Rp to 510,000 Rp (17 – 48 SGD), depending on type of massage and massage duration.


Details (Nagoya branch)

6. REBORN Batam Nagoya Hill

image credit: Reborn Batam 

REBORN Massage Batam is a family concept health massage centre. Not only is it a renowned brand in Malaysia, it also lives up to its reputation as one of Malaysia’s largest foot reflexology chains.


It has 2 branches, Nagoya Hill and Ruko Penuin, both of which are strategically situated in the heart of Batam City. REBORN provides affordable services that aim to relax your body and relieve your muscle soreness.


They combine Authentic Foot Reflexology & Signature Body Massage with Balinese massage to give you a full body relaxation experience. Foot massage price range from 125,000 Rp to 220,000 Rp (12 – 20 SGD). Other services include body massage & combinations of different types of massage. You would definitely have an amazing Batam massage experience!


Details (Nagoya branch): (Penuin branch is temporarily closed.)

7. Spa Village – Beer Spa

image credit: Spa Village – Beer Spa

Want a unique Batam massage and spa experience? Spa Village provides you with the first original Beer Spa in Indonesia. Not only do you get free flow craft beer, you get to bathe in it as well.


Not only can you relax your mind and body, the Beer Spa treatments also offer up multiple benefits for your skin and hair. Spa Village maintains the optimal temperature and dosage of ingredients to provide you with the maximum amount of healing properties from the beer spa experience.


Other spa services include Balinese massages, Aromatherapy massages, Village Hot Stone Massages, Back & Head Massages, Milk Bath, Body Scrubs, Fruit Scrubs, etc. The beer spa ranges from 250,000 Rp to 800,000 Rp (24 – 76 SGD), while massages range from 250,000 Rp to 420,000 Rp (24 – 40 SGD).



8. INDOTHAI Massage

image credit: INDOTHAI Massage & Tripadvisor

INDOTHAI massage is a Batam massage paradise that is well-known by locals and frequent travelers. It is conveniently located in the heart of the bustling city, just opposite Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, one of the popular shopping malls.


As its name suggests, it offers Indothai mixed massage and other treatments such as hot stone massages, traditional warm aroma massages, aromatic body scrub massages, traditional massage, foot reflexology, and ear candling therapy.


Their therapists are all professionally trained and equipped with the best massage techniques that guarantee you leaving satisfied and coming back for more! Average rates range from 260,000 Rp to 490,000 Rp (25 to 47 SGD).



9. Kamaya Spa

Image credit: Kamaya Spa

Kamaya Spa is located in the centre of Batam Island, in the Penuin area. It is situated opposite Grand Batam and 5 minutes away from BCS Mall, as well as i Hotel Baloi. The word ‘Kamaya’ originates in Hawaii and its definition is ‘Precious Ones’.


All guests are treated with care and are guaranteed to have a one-of-a-kind experience. The spa is designed in a unique antique Balinese style, creating a comfortable environment for you to experience the relaxing spa treatment.


You also have an option to create your own Batam massage package and pamper yourself with any combinations of all their treatments. Each self-designed spa is inclusive of a meal and drink. Spa packages and body massage treatments ranges from 290,000 Rp to 350,000 Rp.



10. KALEA Spa

image credit: Kalea Spa

KALEA Spa is only 5 minutes away from Batam Center Ferry Terminal, Mega Ball and Batam City Square Mall. KALEA Spa seeks to provide you with an unforgettable spa treatment that incorporates care, comfort and healing treatments, allowing both your body and mind to experience a sense of calmness and relaxation.


You’ll be pampered from head to toe in the Balinese modern environment and the broad choice of in-house treatments. Skilled therapists will utilise ancient and modern healing practices, combined with high quality natural ingredients to provide you with the best massage experience and boost your well-being. Not only does the Galvanic spa facial have anti-ageing properties, it also hydrates skin. Foot spas are also available!


The Batam massage services available range from 30 minutes to full-day long spas. KALEA Spa even provides complimentary 2-way pick up transfer within certain districts if you spend more than 500,000 Rp with them! Body massages and spa treatments range from 260,000 Rp to 460,000 Rp (25 – 43 SGD).



Not sure what to do next?


Don’t worry! Check our other blogposts below about Batam to make your trip in Batam more memorable!

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