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The Most Best Singapore Public Holidays to Travel 2023/24

Singapore Public Holiday 2023_2024
Check Singapore Public Holidays of 2024 & 2023 to plan your holidays from Singapore! Best guide for your long weekends.

Most Updated on 1st Jan 2024

Singapore public holidays of 2024 are just released by Ministry of Manpower.

By the chance, are you planning for a weekend getaway or for making unforgettable memories? Not sure when is the best time to travel?

Although COVID-19 restrictions are loosened, it seems still difficult to travel overseas or fully enjoy holiday mood to catch up with our life.

But, from what we have seen so far, there are plenty of long weekends to make use of for your holiday.

Holidays from Singapore has came up with suggested strategies for you to squeeze the maximum juice out of your holiday! Let’s look through when are public holidays in Singapore.

Holidays from Singapore_Batam
Barelang Bridge, Batam

Before we move on, if you have not chose where to go, let us introduce the perfect spot, Batam!

Here are some reasons why:

1. Convenient Travel

To travel to Indonesia, either Batam or Bintan, you can just take 45-minute ferry to get there. Although you can take a flight, taking ferry would be more cheaper and easier to access. Take the time in ferry to get a view of the sea with air conditioning and comfortable cushioned seats.

For more information about available ferry seats, please check the ferry operators’ websites:

2. Affordable price & Cheap hotels

Batam has multiple shopping malls – Grand Batam Mall, Nagoya Hill Mall, or Mega Mall. With current currency (10k Rupiah = S$0.9), you can enjoy superior choices of hotels, food, and even spa in cheap prices!

3. Various activities

Batam island provides many water sports for you to experience the beauty of the nature at the sea. If you are looking for tropical views different from what you saw in Singapore, this is the place for you!

Batam also provides exciting nightlife, from pubs, night clubs, and cafes. Grab this chance to interact with locals to have a taste of Indonesia through this experience that you cannot have elsewhere!

Holidays from Singapore

For more information regarding Batam tour, please check our following websites of Holidays from Singapore!

Get in contact with us for more information about package tour, day tour, and even Bintan package tours.

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Batam Day Tour

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Let’s move on to decide when would be a perfect time for you to travel in 2023 and 2024!

Singapore Public Holiday 2024_2023_Holidays from Singapore

In the table above, you can find a summary of public holiday period. You don’t have to follow this in every way, but we are sure that this can maximise your holidays.

Singapore Public Holiday 2023

With almost half of 2023 has passed, we are left with six public holidays. But only 1 best timing is left for you to travel.

Singapore Public Holidays 2024_2023_Deepavali
Image Credit: TheSmartLocal

Deepavali Day (12th November) – 4 days rest

In November, the 12th is Deepavali day.

Since Deepavali public holiday falls on Sunday, the following Monday (13th) will be alternative holiday.

This means you can enjoy your holiday mood from 11th to 13th (Saturday to Monday) OR you can take one day of leave on 10th (Friday) to capitalise on Deepavali, in total 4 days to rest!

Singapore Public Holidays 2024

If you are thinking to travel in 2024, this is your time now to start planning. Let’s go through the suggested dates for your holidays with us!

In 2024, total 5 long weekends are available to plan your getaways.

Singapore Public Holidays 2024_2023_New Year's Day
Image Credit: The Straight Times

New Year’s Day (1 January) – 3 days rest

Have you known that last two days of 2023 are on weekends?

Wrap up your 2023 and begin the first day of brand-new year with holiday mood! You can celebrate this public holiday by working on your New Year’s resolution or taking a look at fireworks at Marina Bay Sands.

Singapore Public Holidays 2024_2023_Chinese New Year
Image Credit: Time Out

Chinese New Year (10 & 11 Feburary) – 5 days rest

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Right after New Year’s Day, you can straight away enjoy another public holiday thanks to Chinese New Year. Monday (12th) will be alternative holiday date since Chinese New Year holiday falls on first and second days of a weekend.

Take note that when a public holiday falls on Saturday, an employee who is not required to work on a Saturday is entitled to another day off or salary in lieu (13th). If you are that employee, you can choose to get a day off or salary in lieu (at basic rate of pay).

If you feel like your public holiday is being wasted because of weekend, take a leave on Wednesday (14th) to maximise Chinese New Year holiday! In total, you can take 5-day rest.

Also, don’t miss colourful neon-light decorations all over the street and lion-dance celebration. Taste delicious foods from reunion dinners with your loved families.

If you do not celebrate Chinese New Year, you can travel overseas to visit a country you have been longing for? 5 days will be long enough to experience the foods and cultural activities.

Singapore Public Holidays 2024_2023_Good Friday
Image Credit: Vecteezy

Good Friday (29 March) – 4 days rest

The next one is Christian holiday, Good Friday. This Christian holiday falls on Friday. You can enjoy another long weekend after Chinese New Year.

To enjoy full public holiday, you can take one day leave on Thursday (28th) or on following Monday (1st April) to maximise your Good Friday holiday. Mark your calendar to decide when to take leave.

Singapore Public Holidays 2024_2023_Hari Raya Haji
Image credit: Mothership

Hari Raya Haji (17 June) – 3 days rest

For those who cannot make for your holiday trip, you have June, so you better make it count!

Hari Raya Haji is an important religious festival in Singapore. This holiday falls on Monday, so you can make full use of one of your long weekends. Since Hari Raya Haji is only 3 days, visiting Malaysia or Indonesia would be a good idea!

There, you can enjoy staycations in hotels with their special events and promotions! Or use this time to try cafe hopping in those areas to savour delicious pastries and coffee at cheap prices.

Here’s some examples of events hotels in Indonesia offered this year’s public holidays:

If you are interested, you can refer to our other blogposts below:

Singapore Public Holidays 2024_2023_National Day
Image credit: The Straight Times

National Day (9 August) – 3 days rest

Majulah Singapura!

The last long weekends of 2024 will be National Day, so grab this opportunity to take a break from your work or school. Enjoy fireworks and national celebrations for Singapore’s birthday!

After National Day celebration, you can rest during your weekends.

If you are unsure about what to do during National Day, click here to take note!

Have you decided which dates of national holidays will be a great time for you to travel this year and next year? Great!

You can click here to see national calendar of other public holidays (e.g., Vesak Day, Labour Day, and Christmas) and mark the dates now. We hope you have best time in remaining time in 2023 and 2024!

If you are looking for best tour package or day trips, you can check from holidays from Singapore.

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