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Best Corporate Tour to Batam Guide | Holidays from Singapore

Are you ready for your Corporate Tour to Batam but not sure what to prepare? Check our blogpost to find out more what to prepare and what to know before your tour!

Most Updated on Jan 2024

Are you ready to head to Batam for your corporate tour with Holidays from Singapore?

Before heading off, we have prepared Batam corporate tour guide article for your preparation! All information from what to bring to frequently asked questions are in this 3-minute article.

To know more about Holidays from Singapore, you can visit our homepage for more information or Whatsapp us directly!

If you are not travelling with us for corporate tour but interested in it, you can visit our Batam Corporate Tour webpage to know more!

What to Bring

1. Passport

Please bring your passport as it is a necessary document for your embarkment.

2. Pen

You will require a pen to fill in custom declaration form at the ferry terminal.

3. Vaccination Certificate

Just a safety precaution, bring a printed physical copy of your vaccination record. This is for officials to verify at the Batam ferry terminal.

How to Obtain Vaccination Certificate

Step 1: Go to Notarise website ( to retrieve your vaccination certificate.

Step 2: Select vaccination certificate (second block), which will lead you to Singpass login page.

Step 3: Sign in to your Singpass to access your vaccination records and you will be directed to the request vaccination HealthCert page.

Step 4: Enter your email address where you would like to receive the vaccination certificate. Then, select the vaccination record based on user’s name and type of vaccination.

Step 5: Verify your information, personal particulars, and vaccination record. After confirming your information, scroll down and click submit.

Step 6: When your request is done, you will reach this page, whereby it shows you a time estimate of receiving your vaccination record.

Where to Meet

Sindo Ferry Counter_VivoCity_Batam Corporate Tour

We will meet at Harbourfront Centre, Sindo Ferry counter (level 3).

Harbourfront Centre is a shopping mall directly linked beside VivoCity Mall.

If you are coming by MRT, alight at Harbourfront MRT station and exit via Exit B. Then, follow the sign saying ‘Cruise’ to go to the meeting point.

* Please arrive at least 90 minutes in advance of ferry departure time *

What to do in Harbourfront Centre

Ferry Terminal Harbourfront Centre_Batam Corporate Tour

Pass your passport to our colleague so we can get boarding pass from the ferry counter.

Once everyone has gathered and obtained their ferry tickets, gather everyone to make their way to the ferry terminal gate (one level down, 2nd floor) for immigration.

Batam Corporate Tour Activities

1. Team Building

We will provide places such as hotel meeting rooms for you to carry out team building activities. We provide 20 options of team dynamic games from novel to complex, for group members to develop their capacity to work together and build memorable time!

There will be specific learning outcomes such as teamwork, communication, and problem solving for group members to gain after these activities.

Here are some examples of our team bonding activities:

  • Wooden Tower – building the highest and most stable tower possible
  • Caterpillar Sky Walking – matching the movement to walk through the line using a plank all together
  • Paintball War Game – Competitive sport game of teams competing against one another
  • Flying Fox/Zip Line – A 14m high and 200m exhilarating & unique aerial journey

2. Go Kart

Batam Corporate Tour, Go Kart, Holidays from Singapore

Go Kart is one of the recreational activities you can do in Batam with your corporate members. Don’t worry if you cannot drive. Non-drivers also can enjoy this activity as well. Enjoy exciting and adrenaline-pumping experiences! It will be a break from your busy routine and a chance for you to get closer with your colleagues in friendly competition.

Here are Go Kart places you can consider for your Go Kart activity:

Batam Go Kart

Batam Corporate Tour, Batam Go Kart
image credit: Tripadvisor

This place is definitely for adrenaline-seekers! With professional staffs to assist you, Batam Go kart has an off-road dirt track of 545 metres, which will allow you to perform insane drifts and bends!

This dirt road Go Kart will take you to another level of fun. After the activity, you can also savour delicious drinks and cuisine at the cafe in Batam Go Kart.

Golden City Go Kart

Batam Corporate Tour, Golden City Go Kart
image credit: Tripadvisor

If you are first time trying Go Kart, Golden City Go Kart would be suitable for you! Here has 2 different speed more for single rider. If you want the faster one, you can choose Turbo speed for more thrilling experience. Here also provides various tracks – normal race track and off-road ones. You can choose the track for your preference too. You can also visit food street nearby if you crave for food after Go Kart activity!

3. City Tour

Batam Corporate Tour, City tour

Once visit Batam, one of the must thing to do is city tour! Take a look at the overview of Batam City with us. Transportation will be provided for you and your members to conveniently travel around Batam Island. Tour guide and drivers will be there for you to see and explore every place in Batam Island, making your tour in Batam more fruitful!

Here are examples of places included in our city tour for Batam Corporate Tour:

  • Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Temple
  • Miniature House Indonesia
  • Batam Layer Cakes
  • Lunch at Love Seafood
    Shopping options: Polo & First Factory Fashion Outlet, Chocolate House, Bengkong Dry Market

If you have any places in mind, you can always contact us! We will plan and customise your tour in a way you wanted.

4. Gala Dinner

Batam Corporate Tour, Gala Dinner

We provide gala dinner for your corporate members to taste delicious food prepared by the hotel. Enjoy the food during any formal or semi-formal events planned by your company. You can also prepare any presentation, speech, or announcement to make during the gala dinner.

After filling your stomach, enjoy dancing time with your corporate members to bond together and build exciting and unforgettable memories too!

Returning to Singapore

SG Arrival Card_Batam Corporate Tour

Please submit SG Arrival Card ( before entering Singapore.

You can also use MyICA Mobile Application to submit the form.

Where to Get Alcohol for Your Trip


Duty Free_Harbourfront_Batam Corporate Tour
image credit:

You can get cheaper alcohol at DFS shop at the waiting room in Harbourfront Centre before boarding the ferry. If you are planning to shop there, you need to come early.


Corkage fees depends on the restaurant or pubs you are dining in. Typically, it costs 200,000 Rupiah (S$18) per bottle at restaurants/pubs. If you are dining in higher end restaurants like Marriott or Holy Wings, the cost can be as high as 500,000 Rupiah (S$44) per bottle.

Indonesia Hypermart_Batam Corporate Tour
image credit: Retail News from Asia

You can also enjoy various alcohol options such as local alcohols in Batam supermarkets in the Shopping Centre. Do take note of corkage fees if you are bringing it into hotel restaurants or other restaurants in generally.

The closest Batam supermarket to Batam Centre ferry terminal is Mega Mall Batam Centre. Mega Mall Batam Centre has a bridge at level 2 that is directly connected to Batam Centre Ferry Terminal. If you have time before your boarding, you can visit there.

There, you can visit Hypermart, which is supermarket chain in Indonesia. Feel free to take a look and purchase the alcohol or even other local foods at cheap price!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I missed the ferry. What should I do?

Inform our colleague to contact ferry operator to make amendments of booking timing. Additional charges will apply.

2. Can I purchase duty-free alcohol and bring back to Singapore?

Duty-free alcohol purchase can only be made if you away from Singapore for at least 48 hours (2 days). Otherwise, the counter will decline your purchase upon checking your Singapore arrival ticket.

3. How do I contact/find the driver upon my arrival?

The driver would be waiting at the arrival gate with your company name on a piece of paper. If you are unable to find him, contact through his contact number.

4. Where do I buy Visa On Arrival (VOA)?

Upon arrival at Indonesia, proceed as per normal queue and you will see VOA (Visa of Arrival) Counter. Visa would cost 500,000 Rupiah per person if required.

You can also use e-VOA (electric Visa on Arrival) if you want faster immigration check.

You are NOT required to buy visa if you belong to one of these nations:

  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Laos
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar
  • Cambodia
  • Philippines
  • Brunei Darussalam

5. What happens if I get pulled to immigration office?

Don’t panic! You will be released after a few checks. Just follow the officer’s instructions and you will be on your way soon.

6. What happens if Indonesia counter says I do not have a booking?

Ask your driver to help in speaking to the counter staff OR contact us so that we can speak to the ferry company and make the necessary arrangements.

We hope this guide helped you preparing for the tour and hope to meet you soon!

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If you have any enquiries, feel free to contact us!

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