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We are a STB (Singapore-Tourism Board) Licensed company. 
We do Bali tour packages for corporates, group tours, community centres, church groups etc. Let us know your requirements!

Bali Tour Packages from Singapore

Best Bali promotions, deals and special offers for your Bali trip from Singapore.

Organising Bali Trips since 2015

500+ group tours.
10,000+ customers.

Bali Exploration Tour

Explore the charms of Bali in exotic locations like Nusa Penida and the Uluwatu Temple.

Bali Adventure Tour

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime with whitewater rafting and snorkelling included.

Bali Tour Deals

Best Bali tour deals for your Bali trip from Singapore. Exclusive Rates with private transportation, driver and all entrance fees.

Sunset at Tanah Lot over the sea

Bali Exploration Tour (3D/2N)

Located 15 mins away from the beach, offering spacious suits with all the amenities in the surrounding neighbourhood. 

From S$179 per person incl. taxes & fees

Kelingking Cliff

Bali Exploration Tour (4D/3N)

A Desaru beach resort with spacious rooms with a private bathroom. The perfect place for couples looking for a serene escape.

From S$239 per person incl. taxes & fees

Mount Bromo Clouds Sunrise with a couple

Bali Exploration Tour (5D/4N)

Embark on a journey where every moment is a brushstroke of natural wonder. Create memories that will last a lifetime.

From S$299 per person incl. taxes & fees

Kanto Lampo Waterfalls in Bali Indonesia

Bali Adventure Tour (3D/2N)

Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled escapade through Bali’s untamed wilderness. Explore the island’s natural wonders on a journey like no other.

Whitewater Rafting Adventure

Bali Adventure Tour (4D/3N)

Push your limits on an adventure that blends heart-pounding excitement with breathtaking beauty. Every moment promises an unforgettable thrill.

A man sits on the hood of a car and watches the sunrise at Mount Batur

Bali Adventure Tour (5D/4N)

Embark on the ultimate Bali adventure, where adrenaline meets awe-inspiring landscapes. Experience the island’s natural wonders like never before. 


From S$439 per person incl. taxes & fees

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Corporate Tours
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Clients with HFS

Over the past 10 years, over 100 companies have embarked on tours with us. Here are some corporate customers that trusted us for their corporate trip. 

Hassle Free One Stop Solution For Bali Corporate Tours

Bali Corporate Tours

We also do corporate tours to Bali, which includes hotel, breakfast and ferry tickets. We can QUOTE the corporate tour on your needs to make your trip to Bali more enjoyable and hassle free.


We do dinner and dance, team building, activities, free flow alcohol, Bali Tours, preferred hotel rates and all meals coverage. 


Click the button below to find out more and feel free to enquire on a Bali corporate quote.

Bali Day Tours

Promotions, deals and special offers for you to experience the main highlights of Bali
Ubud Bali Swing with a woman in a pink dress

[Best Offer] Bali - Best of Ubud All-inclusive Day Tour

9 hours | Private Tour

From S$149

From S$119 per person

White Water Rafting at Ubud with a group

[Top Choice] Ubud ATV and White Water Rafting With Lunch – Bali

9 hours | Private Tour

From S$88

From S$50per person

Hot Spring near Mount Batur

[Popular Choice] Bali Mount Batur Sunrise 4WD Jeep & Hot Spring

8 hours | Private Tour

From S$100

From S$65per person

Kelingking Cliff

[Best Offer] Bali All-inclusive West Nusa Penida Instagram Tour

9 hours | Private Tour

From S$149

From S$119 per person

Family Car Ride in Bintan Island - Holidays from Singapore

[Top Choice] Bali Private Car with Driver – All Inclusive

10-12 hours | Private Tour

From S$88

From S$50per person

Snorkeling at Nusa Penida

[Special Offer] All-Inclusive Nusa Penida Snorkeling with Mantas + Kelingking Cliff

9 hours | Private Tour

From S$88

From S$59per person

Rediscover Bali with our Bali Tour Package

Whether you’re seeking spiritual awakening, natural exploration, or cultural connection,
our packages offer an unparalleled opportunity to truly enjoy Bali in all its facets.

With God

Bali, the “Island of Gods,” is a spiritual sanctuary where the divine and earthly realms converge. Our “With God – Bali Exploration Tour” invites you to visit Bali’s most revered temples, set against the backdrop of stunning landscapes. From the intricate rice terraces that are as much a part of spiritual life as they are of agriculture, to the tranquil sea temples that honor the ocean’s deities, this tour is a deep dive into the spiritual heart of Bali. Witness the unique rituals and traditions that mark the Balinese calendar, offering a profound understanding of the island’s religious heritage.

Artem Beliiakin Elephant Statue is draped in flowers and intricately carved

With Nature

In Bali, the natural world unfolds in an array of breathtaking landscapes. Our “With Nature – Bali Adventurous Tour” is your gateway to these wonders. Explore the iconic rice terrace, revel in the lush scenery adorned with palm trees, and feel the thrill of a jungle swing. Step away from the hotel lobby and immerse yourself in Bali’s vibrant natural world. This tour offers a chance to enjoy Bali in its most pristine and unadulterated form.

Bali Unesco World Heritage with grassy fields and the occasional small hut

With People

The heart of Bali is its people. Our “With People – Bali Cultural Tour” connects you with the essence of Balinese life. Through interactions with locals and exploration of historical sites, this tour offers a deeper understanding of the island’s rich culture. Experience Bali’s unique art, architecture, and cuisine, and see how the island’s spirituality is intricately woven into the daily lives of its people.

A woman dressed in traditional Balinese clothes holds up a basket

Explore Bali with Our Bali Tour Package

Watch A Video On Our Bali Tours.

Unlock the enchanting wonders of Bali with our comprehensive Bali tour packages, expertly curated to make your journey seamless and unforgettable with experienced tour operators bringing you about our Bali tours. 

Immerse yourself in the island’s rich culture, picturesque landscapes, and vibrant traditions, guided by our tour guides who are well-versed in Bali’s hidden gems.

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Must Know for Bali Tour packages

If you are still unsure about where to stay and what to do, you can read our blog posts about Bali or visit our blog for more sources.
Also, feel free to take a look at our Bali Corporate Tour Packages

For Bali Corporate Tours, chat with us to customise your Bali corporate tour. 

5 Unique Handicrafts to Lookout for in Bali 2024

Embarking on a journey to Bali promises not only a visual feast but also a unique shopping experience that immerses you in the rich tapestry of Indonesian culture.

7 Cultural Experiences You Shouldn't Miss Out in Bali

Bali, a popular tourist destination, is a treasure trove of cultural experiences and natural beauty. From the iconic rice terraces to the stunning beaches, each trip unveils a deeper understanding of the culture.

Essential Items to Pack for Your Next Bali Trip

Embarking on a Bali trip is an adventure filled with mesmerising landsapes and vibrant culture. However, to fully enjoy the allure of this Southeast Asian paradise, having the ultimate Bali packing list is essential.

Located in the heart of Indonesia, Bali is known for its rich history, incredible landscapes and deep rooted culture. Packed full of idyllic beaches, waterfalls, it is a paradise for anyone looking to escape the humdrum of everyday life. Whether you want to explore it alone or have local professionals organise your tours, you’re bound to make memories for life.  


Suitable for families and solo travelers alike, taking a trip to Bali can be a relaxing getaway or a unique way to experience the Balinese way of life. Taking guided Bali tours is an easy and relaxing way to explore this beautiful location. Each day presents a new opportunity with a mix of tourist destinations, from the tranquil North Bali to the bustling Ubud.

As long you can! When planning a holiday to Bali, we recommend staying 5 days minimally. To explore all that Bali has to offer in a all-inclusive Bali Tour- adventure activities, iconic landmarks and Mount Batur in places like Nusa Dua, Uluwatu, Seminyak, and Ubud – 10 days to 2 weeks is ideal.


We’d recommend spending at least a week or two to give you enough time to get a taste of what Bali is really like – we promise you’ll want to come back once your vacation ends!

Yes. However, do remain vigilant and be aware of your surroundings. Stay cautious as you enjoy your Bali tours with breathtaking views, delicious food and rich cultural heritage! As for safety in the streets, there is very little violent crime in Bali, especially in Ubud.

Yes! Bali is the perfect place due to its wide range of activities, suitable for any age. Bali is safe for children – though we recommend still taking normal precautions with your children.


 If you’re looking for the best place to start exploring, consider taking some of our Bali tours, all of which are run by local private tour guides with extensive experience and knowledge of the areas they operate in.

Bali is generally hot, sunny and humid. The rainy season is typically between November – Feb/March. The prime time to tour Bali spans from May to October during the dry season. The skies are predominantly clear and sunny with occasional rain, while temperatures range from 21-32°C. This is ideal for exploring the island’s diverse landscapes and enjoying a myriad of amazing activities.

Opt for loose fitting clothing such as cotton, silk or linen that will keep you cool. Pack a few loose and thin long sleeve tops for protection against the sun and mosquitoes as you go about your Bali tours.


We also recommend flip flops or comfortable walking sandals and a light pullover in the evenings. When entering temples you must be respectful and have your shoulders covered and wear a sarong (for men and women) that are usually provided. You may want to bring a waterproof jacket if you are in Ubud between November – February.

Visa On Arrival (VOA) is granted to foreigners who intend to visit for tourism. The Visa On Arrival is issued by the Immigration Officials at the Immigration checkpoints in Ngurah Rai Airport. Similarly, foreigners can apply for a limited stay visa or a visit visa (B211).


Indonesia has a free 30-Day visa-on-arrival system (tourist visa). If you would like to stay more than 30 days, then you will need to pay $35 at the airport when you arrive at the airport for the option to extend with an Indonesian agent for up to 60-days.


Read more about VISAs available in Indonesia


Important note: Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months or else Indonesia will NOT allow you into the country and your airline will NOT let you on the plane. Make sure your passport is renewed before you travel.

Always drink bottled or filtered water. 99% of restaurants in Bali use bottled water for all cooking purposes and it is advisable to drink and brush teeth with bottled water to avoid ‘Bali Belly’ – a mild dysentery which can occur but passes in a few days.

If you are staying in civilized, built up areas of Bali (like Dua, Denpasar, Ubud) and staying in clean accommodation and eating in good restaurants you will be fine. A typhoid shot is recommended, and if you are worried, working with animals, or somewhere in the remote jungle, a rabies shot is advised. If you stay in urban areas, there is no need for malaria tablets, Japanese encephalitis, or polio shots.


We suggest you bring medicine in the case of Bali Belly like diarrhoea rehydration sachets/immodium or a oral antibiotic for stomach ailments. Plenty of water, coconut water or even electrolyte tablets are recommended for the hot weather. Spray plenty of mosquito spray in the evenings (especially during rainy season) to prevent bites. Dengue fever is common in Bali and there is no immunisation against this.


Most small shops, warungs/restaurants and tour companies run on cash only. ATM machines are easy to find, most having the Cirrus and Plus connection with decent exchanges rate via ATM. Money changers may not all be trustworthy. Try to avoid small storefront Balinese money changers (those with hand written signs and made up rates). The larger establishments, or those that say ‘authorized money changer’, will be safer. Visa and MasterCard are ideal. Remember to inform your credit card’s issuing bank about your intended trip or else you will risk getting your credit card accounts frozen.

Among the must-try Balinese delicacies is lawar, a minced meat salad. Indulge in bebek betutu, a meticulously prepared roast duck that exemplifies Balinese culinary artistry. Don’t miss the flavors of sate lilit, a unique rendition of Balinese satay, and babi guling—a highly recommended, succulent whole spit-roast pig.


Of course, there are local Indonesian foods like nasi campur and mie goreng too. Balinese desserts feature a rich assortment of snacks, cakes, and treats. Balinese desserts like Dadar Gulung and Klepon promise to satisfy every craving.

Bali tours offer the best highlights of Bali Island, featuring visits to popular tourist destinations like Uluwatu Temple and Kuta Beach. These packages often include a day trip, where you can discover Bali’s charms. From the rice terrace to pristine beaches, these tours are highly recommended.

To fully enjoy your holiday, plan a mix of relaxation and exploration. Visit iconic temples like Tanah Lot, engage in water sports in the Indian Ocean, and experience the vibrant local markets. Bali’s stunning beaches and oceans at Nusa Penida are perfect for a stress-free holiday. Consider hiring a tour guide to discover amazing treasures and gain deeper insights into its history and culture.

Bali is filled with must-see places, including the Tanah Lot Temple, the picturesque rice terrace, and Mount Batur. Don’t miss out on white water rafting and the jungle swing. Bali’s beaches, like Lovina Beach and Seminyak Beach are also well-known.

The island offers a range of fun experiences, from glass bottom boat tours in Nusa Dua to exploring Ubud Monkey Forest. Enjoy delicious food like nasi goreng, participate in traditional Balinese ceremonies, and take a day trip to Nusa Penida for its amazing landscapes. A diverse range of activities caters to all taste buds and adventure levels, ensuring a memorable holiday for every visitor.

Visit its iconic temples, such as Tanah Lot, and experience local traditions in villages. Engage in cultural tours that include visits to historical sites and interaction with local artisans. Its halal meals, traditional dances, and art forms also offer a deeper understanding of the island’s history and traditions.

Enjoy Bali’s natural scenery by taking guided tours to its stunning landscapes like Lake Batur and engaging in outdoor activities like hiking, water sports, and visiting the rice terraces.

Yes, our Bali tour packages offer customizable itineraries that can be tailored to suit your preferences. Customizable packages allow you to create a personalized Bali experience.

Bali is known for its good service in hotels and resorts. From budget-friendly accommodations to luxury resorts, Bali’s hospitality industry is geared towards providing a memorable stay with comfortable amenities, excellent customer service, and a welcoming atmosphere. Many hotels also offer unique experiences, such as cultural programs and wellness activities.

Plan your itinerary in advance, consider booking a Bali package for a hassle-free experience, stay hydrated, and be mindful of local customs and traditions. Renting a car or using local transportation can help you navigate the island easily. Always carry cash for small purchases, especially in rural areas.

Understanding transportation options is key. Renting a car can be convenient, especially for families or groups. A rental car gives you greater flexibility to access areas less frequented by public transport. It’s ideal for those who want to discover off-the-beaten-path locations or who have a packed itinerary with multiple destinations. However, always be aware of local driving customs and regulations to ensure a safe journey.

Bali Tour Package From Singapore

All Bali packages and tours are meticulously designed to showcase the

 island’s stunning landscapes, from the iconic Uluwatu Temple to the serene Ubud Monkey Forest.

Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat in Bali’s nature or fun adventure activities, these packages offer a diverse range of experiences.

Explore Bali’s rich cultural heritage, visit popular tourist destinations like Tanah Lot and Kelingking Beach, and enjoy the tropical paradise of Sanur Beach. We cater to every preference, ensuring that you will have an amazing time. 


Chat With Us To Get The Best Bali Tour Package Deals!

Your Best Corporate Bali Tour Planner

Customisable for your needs

We understand that each travel group has their unique requirements, quirks and budget for tours. That is why we work closely with our clients to create tailored functions, events, and trips that are unforgettable and deliver outcomes that exceed expectation. Your trip to Bali will be an unforgettable and amazing experience!


Contact Us And Chat With Us On Whatsapp. 

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Customised Bali Corporate/
Group Tour Packages

A corporate tour poses in front of a sign saying Bali in big red letters

Experience a hassle-free visit to Bali with our all-inclusive services!

Visit Bali without any concerns and hassle. We handle every need for your trip to Bali – booking transportation, meals & tour guide to explore Bali. Your itinerary will include all the details you need for this trip.

Make Changes Depending On Your Needs.

Families/Group Bali Tour

Enjoy a short weekend getaway to Bali with our Family Tour Packages. This will lessen your burden of planning for this family get away trip. Come with us to explore the beauty in Bali!

Be Part of The Experience 

We are more than just selling the tours. You will experience with us as a local. Come with us on a 4D3N trip to explore the most popular tourist attractions in Bali!

Corporate Bali Tour Package

Our Bali Corporate Tour can include team bonding activities such as Spider Web, Leaky Pipe etc. We can do an all inclusive plane tickets, hotel, transport, meeting room and even gala dinner.

Team Building Activities for Bali Corporate Tour

Learning Outcomes

Through our activities planned for you and your team, we would like for you guys to learn more and better ways of communication.

Cooperation and communication are essential in a workplace for efficiency and good workplace relationships. So we hope to see your group gain valuable results such as teamwork and create long lasting relationships with one another.

Thrilling Activities in Bali

These activities will not only be exciting and fun, they will be exhilarating and electrifying like the flying fox!

Activities that cannot be done in Singapore, for you to have stories with you and your group!

Team Dynamic Games

Our activities are both physical and active. They are perfect for team building and bonding for the entire group

These activities will help further build and strengthen the bonds between everyone in the group.
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