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10 Best Shopping Malls in Kuching 2024

Kuching, the capital city of Sarawak in Malaysia is one of the most popular cities, not only within the state, but in the country as well. A number of tourists keep visiting this beautiful place to make the most of their vacations. Kuching has a lot to offer to the tourists – from beautiful natural landscapes to some amazing sights of ancient temples, museums and architecture – Kuching has everything that any tourist would fancy. Apart from this, there are a number of shopping malls within the city where the locals and tourists can shop for a number of things at fairly good prices.

Following are the best shopping malls in Kuching:

1. Kuching Sentral:

Kuching Sentral was constructed to become a transportation hub and today it happens to be one of the best shopping malls of the city. This mall is located on the outskirts of the city, hence accessible to all the tourists who have their accommodation on the outskirts. There is a small exhibition area, the main anchor tenant of which the H&L Supermarket. This mall does not have any entertainment area, however that doesn’t make it a bad place. You can easily hang out here with a lot of other activities which are happening within the mall. If you are waiting on a layover, this is the best place to spend your time in.

2. Hill Shopping Mall:

Hill Shopping Mall in Kuching is situated at the Jalan Bukit Mata. The most intriguing thing about this mall is its beautiful location that offers a view of the famous Sarawak River. This shopping mall has everything to entertain all the locals as well as tourists. There are a number of food outlets as well as restaurants located on to the ground floor. Next is a famous specialty store which is located on the first floor of the mall. This is the place where you can carry out a number of entertainment activity.

3. Plaza Merdeka Shopping Mall:

Plaza Merdeka Shopping Mall of Kuching is yet another amazing shopping mall of the city which is very famous among the locals as well as tourists. This mall is located in front of the Kuching General Post Office. The whole interiors of this shopping mall are very modern and chic. There are various stores and outlets located within the mall that sell good jewelry as well as branded clothes. Thus, you can get your hands on some of the most amazing brands. The mall also includes an entertainment center for everyone for their leisure and entertainment.

4. Wisma Hopoh:

Wisma Hopoh is one of the smallest malls of the city, however despite of its small size, the popularity of this mall remains untainted and intact. This mall has a lot of offerings for all the locals as well as visitors. This mall is known for housing a lot of tailor, eye wear and saloons. Thus, if any of these things interest you, this is the mall that you must visit and explore. There are stores of affordable apparels. Sadly, the mall doesn’t have any entertainment area for the visitors.

5. Sarawak Plaza:

Sarawak Plaza is one of the most popular shopping malls of the city and ever since its very construction, the place has undergone various renovations. This place is very popular among the locals as it offers an amazing shopping experience to them. Alongside, this place is also a good spot to hang out as it organizes a number of leisure activities and entertaining events to draw all the new customers towards it.

6. Riverside Shopping Complex:

Riverside Shopping Complex of Kuching is one of the oldest malls located within the city. This factor makes it a popular destination for all the tourists as well as locals. This is a very decent shopping malls where you can shop for all kinds of household items. For the entertainment of all the visitors, the mall has a bowling alley as well as a cinema hall having 3D capabilities.

7. Green Height Mall:

The Green Height Mall is located within the housing area of BDC and it is considered as one of the most popular malls of the city. This mall is a small two-storeyed mall which is mostly famous for the grocery stores that it has. Apart from it, there are a number of food joints where the tourists come and gorge on amazing delicacies. The anchor tenant for this mall is ColdStorage that offers a variety of international brands and products to sell.

8. Cityone Megamall:

The amazing CityOne Megamall is yet another shopping mall which is located within the city and this mall has a lot of offerings for the tourists and locals alike. There is a children playground, a convention area, an archery area as well as an eight-screen cinema having 3D and IMAX screens. Thus, this mall offers the visitors a good dose of entertainment for sure.

9. Plaza Meredeka:

Plaza Mederak is situated under the Waterfront Hotel and it is considered as one of the most popular shopping malls of the city. The reason behind such popularity of the mall is that is houses some of the most recognized designer brands which attract a number of shopaholic towards it. Apart from shopping, this mall offers you an amazing dining experience. There is a decent food court which offers a variety of cuisines to savor.

10. Vivacity Megamall:

The beautiful Vivacity Megamall happens to be the largest mall in the city. Thus, this mall has a lot of offerings for all the visitors. There are various international clothing brands and restaurants to have a good time in. The mall offers for two different food courts – both of which serve an amazing variety of food. Apart from offering various designer brands and amazing cuisines, the mall also offers a good doze of entertainment for the children and adults as it has a children playground, a convention area as well as an eight screen cinema having IMAX and 3D screens.

Malls in Kuching surely offer a great shopping and dining experience.

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